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Common Causes of Tooth Discoloration

It's beneficial to understand the causes of discolored teeth. You can prevent stains and maintain whitening results after treatment at Castle Hills Family Dental.

Rafael Mercado, DDS Nov 25, 2020

Treatment for Cavities

Cavities can be mild, moderate, or severe. The necessary treatment depends on the extent of damage as well as the patient’s personal goals and preferences.…

Rafael Mercado, DDS Oct 15, 2020

Dental Implant Alternatives

There are times when patients may not qualify for standard dental implants due to health reasons. Others may simply want an alternative to surgical treatment.…

Rafael Mercado, DDS Sep 15, 2020

Dental Exams for Seniors

Dental exams for seniors address the oral health care needs of older patients. The exams can uncover serious underlying problems like heart disease. We will…

Rafael Mercado, DDS Sep 12, 2020

Teeth Whitening Alternatives

Teeth whitening is a fantastic way to brighten your smile and enhance your appearance. Sometimes, however, bleaching may not be an option. In this article,…

Rafael Mercado, DDS Aug 07, 2020

Dental Crowns and Sensitivity

After dental crown placement, some patients notice sensitivity. This is a common side effect and it typically diminishes over time. Here, Dr. Rafael Mercado discusses…

Rafael Mercado, DDS Jun 24, 2020

Caring for Your Teeth with Braces

Orthodontic braces can help you achieve a healthy, functional, beautiful smile. For optimal oral health, proper brushing and flossing is required. Our Castle Hills Family…

Rafael Mercado, DDS May 25, 2020

How Often Will I Need to Visit My Dentist for Invisalign?

Once you have been fitted with your first set of Invisalign aligner trays, you will need to visit our dental office at regular intervals so…

Rafael Mercado, DDS Apr 25, 2020

Teeth Whitening for Smokers

Pola teeth whitening works extremely well for smokers with years of built-up enamel stains. It removes yellow and brown stains and can be administered in-office…

Rafael Mercado, DDS Apr 08, 2020

How Does Smoking Affect Invisalign?

Tobacco use can lead to unique side effects when using Invisalign trays, including discoloration and an increased risk of tooth decay.

Rafael Mercado, DDS Feb 25, 2020

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